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bonding-with-babyHEALTHY BRAIN, WELL CHILD: Creative Tools to Nurture the Whole Family

April 29th (6pm-8pm), April 30th (9am-1pm) and May 1st (9am-1pm) 2016

Stay tuned for next year’s dates!

Healthy Brain, Well Child is a three-day weekend intensive offering parenting support and education to all kinds of caregivers. Learn about child brain development, fostering healthy relationships, encouraging emotional expression, dealing with challenging behaviors, as well as easy and creative tools to implement at home. Additionally, this class focuses on caring for the caregiver by providing space for sharing your stories as a parent in a supportive and safe environment.

All kinds of caregivers are invited: parents, foster parents, grandparents—anyone who cares for a child who is dealing with challenging behaviors and strong emotions. FREE childcare is offered for toddlers to 10-year-olds. Nursing infants and infants not yet crawling are welcome to attend with their caregivers.

The class is led by Jennifer Platt and Emily McNeil, both licensed early childhood and family counselors and dance/movement therapists who specialize in working with traumatized children and families, children in foster and adoptive situations, and children with numerous developmental and medical challenges.

Individual Registration $275.00
Couple Registration $300.00


February 20th (9am-5pm) and February 21st (9am-5pm) 2016

Stay tuned for next year’s dates!

Join us for a weekend of professional education and support.

Healing the Self Within the System offers training on child development, infant and childhood trauma, impact of trauma on the family, and creative strategies for working with trauma. Participants will also receive support for dealing with and healing from professional burnout.

This workshop is for professionals who work with children and families. This includes, but is not limited to psychotherapists, OTs, PTs, SLPs, holistic practitioners, teachers, social workers and case workers, early interventionists, GALs, and medical professionals. Certificates of attendance available.

The workshop is led by Jennifer Platt and Emily McNeil, both licensed early childhood and family therapists and dance/movement therapists who specialize in working with traumatized children and families, children in foster and adoptive situations, and children with developmental and medical challenges. Jennifer and Emily consult and educate regionally with other professionals and organizations on the topics of early childhood trauma, child development, and vicarious trauma.

Professional Registration $250.00
Student Registration $125.00


For heroes and heroines ages 5-12

August 1st – Augut 5th 2016 (Mon-Fri) 10-11:30am

Kids in Capes is an adventurous and spirited week-long group for children to embrace their inherent strengths and superhero powers. This group addresses themes of self-esteem, emotional regulation, social skills/working together, body awareness, and celebrating what’s “super” within us. This therapeutic group is facilitated by Jennifer Platt and Emily McNeil, both licensed professional counselors, dance/movement therapists, and superheroes.

Kids in Capes Registration $250.00

feautured-mom-child-flying-armsMOM’S GROUP

Being a mother is one of the most rewarding roles a woman may choose. However, this rewarding role often brings challenges to a woman’s sense of self, can cause insecurities, and even a sense of isolation.

During these sessions we will talk about what is going on in your life, do some creative and therapeutic activities, and find various ways to work with common ‘mom’ feelings through the collective wisdom of the group.

Topics include: stress, identity & role changes, shame, perfectionism, and self-care.

Culture sometimes divisively labels moms (working outside the home, working inside the home, new, experienced, etc.) AND YOU can be part of a group which brings moms together to share their unique journeys!

Facilitated by: Debbie Carter, NCC, LPCC

The Children’s Yoga Group facilitates movement and relaxation in a group setting that encourages social interaction. The group will create a space for children to playfully stretch and strengthen the body while facilitating quieting of the mind. It also allows children to tune into their bodies and become aware of sensations that accompany a variety of emotions. The Children’s Yoga Group is a place for children to learn fun coping skills to encourage emotional regulation while engaging in physical activity in a natural, healthy, and enjoyable way.

This group is led by Alexandra Blumenfeld, Intern Therapist at The Mariposa Center. Alexandra is a trained Yoga for Young Warriors Teacher with experience in early childhood development and trauma.


Therapist as Caregiver Registration $160.00


Book Study Group Registration $25.00


Mindful Parenting Registration $40.00

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