Michele BelcherMichele Belcher is the founder of Kids ‘n Touch, an organization dedicated to delivering compassionate and healing touch to children and educating others of how vital healthy, positive and respectful touch is for children in today’s society. Michele has always had a natural connection with children. In 2013, Michele was inspired by the work of the Liddle Kidz Foundation and quickly connected with this organization to complete her pediatric massage certification. Her aspiration is to provide nurturing touch for children who have special physical or emotional needs and/or stress from increasing societal demands. Through massage, she hopes to bring both healing and joy to these children as well as their families and caregivers.

In addition to her private practice, Michele is currently participating in a research study at Children’s Hospital of Colorado teaching parents infant massage techniques they can use while their child is in the hospital and at home after discharge. Michele has been a board certified massage therapist since 2001 (NCBTMB). She is certified in pediatric massage, infant massage instruction, prenatal massage, deep tissue and neuromuscular therapy. For six years, she successfully managed her own massage therapy private practice focusing primarily on prenatal massage and infant massage instruction. She also provided massage for parents and healthcare providers at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Before starting her own private practice, Michele worked at The Pregnancy Massage Center in Atlanta, Georgia as a prenatal massage specialist, labor and delivery assistant and infant massage instructor. She was also an educator at Northside Hospital, the largest obstetric hospital in the United States teaching both prenatal massage and infant massage instruction.

Michele maintains a high level of professional values including an unwavering commitment to quality, honesty, confidentiality and personal integrity – attributes that her clients have valued over the years.

Michele lives in Arvada, Colorado with her sweet, supportive hubby, two very silly boys and an overly affectionate puppy.

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Contact Michele: Email or call 404-245-0448.

corinne-conryCorinne Conry LAc, MSOM is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in the state of Colorado. She completed her four-year Masters in Oriental Medicine at Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder, Colorado. Corinne uses a needle-free technique known as shonishin when treating children, which is similar to acupressure and massage. Since children change rapidly, this technique assists their natural ability to correct imbalances and heal quickly. She also incorporates herbal and nutritional therapy along with mindfulness exercises to treat the whole person. While living in New York City, she worked with children with autism spectrum disorder using water-based therapy. Corinne feels honored to partner with families and caregivers on their healing journeys in a safe, fun and compassionate manner.

Acupuncture and East Asian medicine is a comprehensive system that has been practiced for over two millennia. It is founded on the basis of qi, or energy, which can be found in all things. When qi is flowing harmoniously, we do not feel ill. If there are imbalances, we can feel sick physically, mentally or emotionally. When a symptom arises, East Asian medicine looks to understand how that symptom fits within the greater whole of the person and their life. Acupuncture works to bring the body back into balance. Common ailments which may benefit from East Asian medicine include allergies, asthma, eczema, chronic low immunity, digestive problems, acute conditions like fever, cough, ear infections and colds, headaches, pain, ADHD, stress, depression, anxiety, and more.

In the treatment of children, a needle-free technique called Shonishin, which is similar to pediatric massage, is typically used. Herbal and nutritional therapy may also be an adjunct therapy in treatment. To find out how acupuncture and East Asian medicine can work for you, contact Corinne Conry, LAc today.

Contact Corinne: Email, call 720-722-1034 or visit her website at